Finding the right IT support for Vets can be a challenging task and according to a survey by the British Veterinary Association, 80% of veterinary professionals believe that efficient IT systems are crucial for providing quality patient care to animals.

Veterinary clinics, like any other modern business, heavily rely on technology to efficiently manage operations. Cloud2IT is based in Carnforth, in the North West. With the aim to cut through the confusion associated with technology, enabling vets to embrace the benefits of the cloud securely. By doing so, this not only improves customer interactions but also enhances staff efficiency and drives business growth.

We recognise that veterinary clinics rely on technology not only for administrative tasks but also for managing medical records management, diagnostic tools, and improving client communication.

Those working in a veterinary clinic are aware of the common IT challenges, including integrating software, ensuring data security and compliance with privacy regulations, and addressing the unique needs of both clinic staff and animal patients. Moreover, many veterinary clinics operate with limited IT resources. Small practices often don’t have dedicated IT staff and rely on external technical support.

IT support plays a crucial role in overcoming these challenges. Through proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and technical assistance, downtime for your veterinary clinic can be minimised, empowering clinic staff to focus on delivering excellent veterinary care.

Hardware & Refurbished Devices

Veterinary clinics rely on IT in countless ways. From using essential hardware devices like computers and printers for managing medical records, including health histories, vaccinations, treatment plans, to managing billing and administrative duties. Additionally, diagnostic equipment like x-ray machines, ultrasound scanners, and MRI machines are intricately connected to computers for image analysis and storage. These images are important for veterinarians in diagnosing medical conditions and to plan treatments.

IT Support for Vets

However, integrating these devices with clinic software systems such as EzyVet and ensuring seamless communication between them can be challenging. Compatibility issues, technical glitches, and downtime can disrupt clinic operations and delay patient care.

At Cloud2IT, we offer an environmentally friendly approach by providing cost-effective refurbished devices. This not only helps clinics economically but also contributes to sustainability efforts. Our support extends beyond this, as we specialise in maintaining and troubleshooting these devices, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal functionality. Through our managed antivirus solutions, we prioritise the security of your devices. Any detected issues are promptly addressed, thanks to real-time monitoring, which allows us to stop potential problems from occurring.

Broadband & Connection

A dependable network infrastructure is essential for veterinary clinics. It facilitates seamless communication among various departments such as the front desk, treatment rooms, and laboratories, ensuring that they can all share information effortlessly to provide the best care possible for the pets. Also, it is essential for emergencies, as sometimes pets require assistance outside of regular hours, and a reliable network ensures that the clinic and clients can reach out, even in the middle of the night. Without a robust network, communication can easily break down.

With our business broadband and connectivity solutions, we use mobile networks to provide primary or backup connections. All our services are supplied by Carbon Neutral ISPs to take the step in making sure we are not adding any extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when we provide internet services, ensuring environmental responsibility. Our connections are proactively monitored and maintained, ensuring that veterinary clinic’s communication infrastructure is in good hands and tailored to your specific needs. We also guarantee dedicated connections, ensuring uninterrupted service when it matters most.

Data Security & Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates that veterinary clinics in the UK protect client data so dealing with sensitive information like animal records, client contact details, and financial data can be a real concern for veterinary clinics. That’s where IT support comes in handy, to help implement robust security measures to safeguard this data from unauthorised access, theft, or loss.

IT Support in the North West

As part of our Managed IT Services package, we make sure your devices are encrypted, ensuring that your data stays right where it belongs – in your hands. We also have anti-phishing and malware measures, two-factor authentication (2FA), and security policies in place to provide an extra layer of protection for your data.

Encryption is used to protect data from being stolen, changed, or compromised and works by scrambling data into a secret code that can only be unlocked with a unique digital key. Additionally, two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your login process. After entering your username and password (the first factor), the second factor requires additional verification, such as using a mobile device with an authentication app, biometrics like fingerprints or facial scans, or receiving a one-time password via SMS, push notification, or voice call.

Downtime and Technical Issues

Any downtime or technical issues with IT infrastructure can significantly impact veterinary clinics, disrupting appointment scheduling, delaying treatments, and affecting client satisfaction. Veterinary clinics need a good IT support system in place to minimise downtime, address technical issues promptly, and ensure the continuity of care for their animal patients.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, Cloud2IT specialises in implementing real-time device monitoring systems to detect and address potential issues before they occur, minimising downtime and disruptions to appointment scheduling and treatment procedures. Additionally, Cloud2IT offers responsive support with dedicated technicians available to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues promptly.

Cloud2IT uses remote desktop tools, enabling their IT technicians to securely access veterinary clinic computers instantly from anywhere with an internet connection. By initiating a remote connection to a desktop, technicians can gain control and resolve issues without needing to travel to the location physically! They also provide data backup and recovery solutions, essential for safeguarding patient records and meeting regulatory requirements. This ensures veterinary clinics can operate with peace of mind, knowing their IT infrastructure is reliable, secure, and optimised.

Positive Outcomes from Using IT Services

IT support is essential for veterinary clinics, offering numerous positive outcomes for both staff and patients. Efficient IT systems are paramount for providing top-tier patient care, as highlighted by the British Veterinary Association. From administrative tasks to medical record management and client communication, IT support addresses clinic needs. With proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, downtime is minimised.

Reliable broadband and connectivity solutions facilitate seamless communication, crucial for emergencies and day-to-day operations.

Client Experiences with Cloud2IT

At Cloud2IT we’ve worked with a number of veterinary clinics, one such example is Wild Side Vets which was established in April 2023 and based in Barrow-In-Furness in Cumbria. They needed a reliable IT Service Provider, particularly for a stable internet connection and VoIP system for their out-of-hours service. However, also provided was Managed IT Services, refurbished devices, and CCTV installation.

“I wouldn’t even know what computers to choose, they installed it all, manage them remotely as well as our internet, phone system and our CCTV. Any queries we have got a member of staff can pick up the phone and they can instantly see our problem.”

Kate Hornby, Wild Side Veterinary Clinic